Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 6-12 July 2020: Your creative talent will be recognized

Your great ingenuity and creativity will attract the attention of those who can open the doors to your success


The week will start with some craziness and happiness, Gemini. The moon in Aquarius will renew your vision you have of your goals and this will be shared with those who have a common goal. 

Your friends, family or your partner will follow you in your wishes with optimism and trust and this will be thanks to your love emotions that will encourage and calm the anxiety of these people. You are going through a unique time when many of your hopes for the future are fulfilled without much effort. It's as if fate has led you down the right path and you have nothing to fear.

Gemini, it's common for routine to bore you and you feel that life is monotonous and without your little adventures, it's meaningless. A very interesting proposal from a friend or partner could help renew domestic life.

Single people can trust that they are one step away from finding love.

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For the children of Mercury, this week there's nothing you can resist. The ideals of sharing and carrying out a cooperative work or mission will be favoured by the stars.

Many natives may discover that their business skills are greater than they imagined and therefore, they feel confident enough to take on a venture or at least begin planning the steps to take.

Your creativity and artistic talents will be appreciated and will be very useful to you especially if you work in areas related to gardening, fashion and personal aesthetics. Your great creations will arouse the curiosity of potential new customers. You may even receive praise or awards that will open up a new path in your professional life.

The stars show a good predisposition for the natives of the sign of Gemini in everything related to money and your professional life.


For those natives who want to improve their appearance and physical and psychological health through exercise and natural therapies, the stars show a very positive trend.

Changes in routines will be very favourable.  They will feel that every little effort has a deserved reward and a concrete reflection in their body and sense of well-being.