Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 5-11 October 2020: You'll live dreamy moments

The stars drive beautiful moments that you can enjoy if you allow yourself to expand your soul


This week, the stars will bless you with harmonious energetic effluviums that will bathe your daily reality with scenes worthy of a romantic comedy, Gemini. Love will find you with an excellent predisposition to enjoy romance and passion even within those relationships that have been living together for many years, they can see the benefits of the current configurations. If you were living in conflict situations you will be able to leave behind the pain and the resentment.

The North Node joins the Moon on Thursday in transit through your sign and crosses certain boundaries that restrict the expansion of your feelings and the longings of your heart.

If you're single, between Thursday and Friday many beautiful moments can bring the joy your soul has long sought. A new romance could surprise you and bring fantastic emotions into your reality.

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It will be a wonderful week in which your ruling planet, Mercury, moves through your employment and work zone making it easier for the natives of your sign to achieve many of the desires that you've had in recent times.

You'll aspire to live professional experiences of excellence, especially those who have their jobs in the field of communications and transport. For these natives, a new perspective is opened up with changes in methods and forms of work that promote intellectual growth.

On Friday the surprises will come to vibrate with joy to those natives who expect payments or returns.  The money arrives thanks to astral positions that favour movement, sales and returns.

If you're looking for a new job, the best day for interviews or meetings will be next Friday, the day when the Moon and Mercury influence the professional affairs of Geminis in a favourable way.

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The stars indicate the need to be very attentive to health during this week that is just starting. You should take care of some physical problems to which you seem to have gotten used to. You know that the more time you let by the more complex the recovery is.

Listen to your heart's intuition, go to the doctor you trust.