The Gemini sign in black on a sky background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 4-10 January 2021: The year begins with hope

The progress you can achieve this week will be remarkable in the development of your professional career


It will be a fantastic week for the love relationships of the natives of the sign of Gemini. The good relationship between the Moon in Libra and Jupiter imbues the natives of the twin sign with a unique romantic vibration. They won't recall having lived days of such tenderness.

Venus from the sign of Sagittarius will continue to give its romantic touches to the life of the Gemini natives of the third decan.

Many natives of the sign of the twins this week will find themselves pronouncing an unthinkable "I do". Sweetness will satiate the lips of those natives who are single and wish to embark on a new love story.

All dreams will come true when you appreciate the wonders life brings to you. This week will be very important.

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The natives of the Gemini sign could begin this week to manifest many of their intellectual dreams. Starting a new course or planning a trip can become an adventure worth enjoying at every step. You'll be spending part of your time getting to know all the details of different services, the costs, what they offer will be a difficult but fun choice.

Discussing your plans with the people around you can be frustrating. Many will criticize you or make you feel unsure of your choices, this shouldn't generate anxiety or insecurity. This is a good time to take action.

Nothing can stop you, you feel that you have the support of the stars and therefore your progress is perfect.  Your movement is stimulated by every affirmation you receive from outside. Your professional ambitions find the way out that you have sought and this fills you with joy and pride.

It's a very good week if you are going to start a project or business. Your ability to negotiate will help you to obtain profits and financial advantages.


Gemini, if you're suffering from an ailment don't just listen to one diagnosis. Seek a second opinion. The stars urge you to trust the wisdom of your cells but without abandoning the advice of health professionals who will support you with treatments and advice.

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