Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 31 August - 6 September 2020: Your wishes will come true

Suenan campanadas de boda y con ellas llegan la alegría y la concordia a tu vida afectiva


This week, the stars are attracting great rewards to your romantic life, especially for those natives who have had the patience to wait for the rough spots with their partner to be resolved through friendly conversation and doses of understanding

Many will be awaiting the call of a special person who is taking its time to arrive but you won't waste time once you receive the joy of perceiving you are desired.

In the family life of the natives of your sign, there's a lot of revolution and changes to assimilate and you will be surprised by incredible news that will change the lives of many of your loved ones forever.

On Sunday, your regent Mercury enters the friendly and balanced sign of Libra bringing fresh air to your relationships, good communication and beauty to your romances. Gemini, if you are thinking about a wedding, it will be the right day to talk with the one you love.

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For this week, the natives of your sign will benefit from receiving the influences of Venus by transiting the dynamic sign of Leo in the zone of the zodiacal wheel related to business and therefore, you could benefit from commercial movements and displacements that can bring material benefits.

The natives of the Gemini sign have to pay attention to the conversations they have with bosses or customers. From these dialogues, business or growth possibilities will come to fruition.

Many natives will find a way to start a project that has been on their mind for a long time. The joy and enthusiasm of those with whom you share your goals will give a special boost to the realization of your plans. Making an idea a new world in your professional life is a wonderful way to increase your wealth.

If you're looking for a job, you will want to use your expression and communication skills. You have a valuable energetic opportunity to earn a position in your favourite company.

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For the natives of your sign, this week, you can count on astral energy that will bring well-being and beauty.

You can start practising a new sport to balance mental and intellectual activity. You can try tennis lessons, yoga or rhythmic gymnastics. Every movement will benefit your body and your psyche. You will release tension and improve your muscle tone.