The Gemini sign with a universe background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December 2020: The new moon in your sign will surprise you

This week pay attention to your needs instead of always leaving it for another day


This week begins with very favorable energies for the affective life of the natives of the Gemini sign.

It's a unique time of the year when the full moon occurs in your sign. For many people, it will be the moment to begin a new relationship that will truly last. Even a new love affair could begin with someone who is the exact opposite of your past relationships.

For other natives, this week marks the end of an emotional cycle you have been working on since June.

You might have an inner tendency to develop greater sensitivity to the moods of those around you. You will be a sponge, and therefore, absorb the good and bad. It'll be very important to be aware of these subtle movements in your environment so that you don't fall into ways that aren't your own.

A platonic love can have you flying into a dream that isn't at all favorable. Put your feet on the ground as soon as you can, Gemini.

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There's a special impulse from the astral aspects that influence the Gemini natives that will lead them to seek success as never before. You'll want to be recognized by your professional environment, and therefore, will take care of all your tasks and duties.

There's an internal force that will be deployed to show itself and expose all that you dream of regarding the social status and the place you occupy within your daily life. 

Those natives who are within a commercial society will receive surprising news, perhaps a change in the way they used to work will stop you from achieving your goals in the medium term. But you shouldn't let yourself get carried away by the concern that this news; this will favor you if you let time go by and organize yourself in a different way.

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For those natives who often neglect their physical health, it's time to change the way they look at themselves. You're the most important thing, your priority should become the care of your body and your psyche.

The stars indicate the tendency to suffer from annoying symptoms in the renal or excretory area. Maintaining a healthy eating routine will be very important if you want to feel good.