Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 3-9 August 2020: The family bond improves

The peaceful love of those closest to you will lead to a further expansion of your creativity


This week, the influence of the detached and light moon on the sign of Aquarius is prompting you to change many of the ways you live your relationships. The events of recent times have allowed you to reserve an inner space to evaluate what is most important to you. If you let yourself be carried away by the astral tendency, you could free yourself from matters that aren't primary at this time. Relationships that demand a lot of attention and that end up being more harmful than positive could disappear without any effort.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters this Wednesday the sign of Leo and from that position stimulates family relationships or people you consider part of your family. Siblings and cousins could be very prominent in your life this week.

If you're one of those natives who find themselves alone, you could discover love in a place where you usually go: the club, the library or the park could be the place where you meet that special person, Gemini.

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Of all the signs, the natives of Gemini, especially those who belong to the third deanery are the most favoured this week when Venus bids farewell to the sign.

The transit of the goddess of beauty and money to your area of finance could favour all your business transactions, this aspect especially favours those natives who work on issues related to women, children and food.

It will be a very productive week for the natives who are trying to advance in the signature of contracts. Sales or changing house are benefited by the presence of the Sun and Mercury both in the bright and happy sign of Leo.

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For this week the natives of the sign of Gemini will enjoy a stable and pleasant astral influence with respect to the physical body. Intellectual activity will keep you happy and stimulated. You will feel that you can live very peacefully when you give space to the development of your thoughts and ideas.

Creativity and expression through poetry, painting or music will help your well-being.