The Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 29 March - 4 April 2021: You'll have a great time

All romantic relationships will be strengthened with the effluvia of the Full Moon in Libra


This week natives of the sign receive excellent astral influences regarding relationships and emotional life in general.

The Sun joins Venus from the sign of Aries and is placed in a very positive angle that brings fun and fresh experiences in social groups. If you're in love with someone who belongs to your social group this is an excellent week to open your heart and let some of what you feel show. Don't be afraid, it may not be something that has too much permanence in time but it is sure to be an effervescent experience that will make you feel like you're on another planet.

The energy of the Full Moon will positively affect many natives who are single and will have the opportunity to begin a dream romance.

For those who are married, it will be a week to enjoy family life and activities with the children, but without neglecting to pay due attention to your love relationship, providing romantic details such as a romantic note, some chocolate or a flower.

Thursday and Friday are perfect days for a date. Invite your partner to a candlelight dinner, Gemini.


The stars bring good news for those enterprising natives who carry out a business with care and responsibility.

In the professional field, many Gemini natives will try to take a leadership position. The time has come to focus your actions on change, proposing new ways to develop the activity you're working on.

It's a perfect time to visualize new ideals: cooperatives, associations and community work are propitious. Group work increases profitability.

If you're unemployed don't let yourself be defeated, it's a good week for the natives of your sign, Gemini.


This is a good week for the health of Gemini natives who will have all their energy available to make their emotional and social life a space in which to grow from the spiritual and affective. It's a good time to start psychological therapy.

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