Gemini sign on a pink and purple watercolor background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 - 3 January 2021: You'll enjoy your emotional life

Spending time with your family increases your feeling of happiness, you feel that life has a lot to give you


For this week, the stars indicate a lot of energy in your area related to love. You'll be one of the luckiest signs, Gemini.

Monday is the beginning of some days where the Moon is in your sign in harmony with the North Node and this provides you with the internal tools to grow in your love life.

If you're a married Gemini, it's a good opportunity to free yourself from so many prejudices and problems that you have been dragging along since the beginning of the relationship and to turn your reality around. You have the love of your partner and you know that you can count on their help for whatever you need. You're starting a new cycle this new year.

If you're single, take the astral vibration to feel the love that is coming. To leave this special person out of your life for fear of losing your freedom would be a big mistake on your part.

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Professional issues will be smooth. Everything seems to run smoothly and there aren't too many problems in your everyday world.

Relationships with your colleagues are part of your well-being and will give you the confidence you need. You can be trusted and, therefore, they will look for you to share toasts and moments of celebration.

This week, you'll feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have achieved many of your goals. Working life seems to go well as if by magic. You'll feel productive and in harmony with your responsibilities.

If you're looking for a new job, this is a great time to get in touch with those who can help you. You could send out New Year's greetings emails, there are many templates on the internet that you can download. It's a good way to attract the attention of potential employers or clients.


Don't worry about your health. You should focus on practicing your care with responsibility, in order to make sure that you feel good. The stars indicate a feeling of inner well-being  that collaborates with the physical body.

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