Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 27 July - 2 August 2020: Love will shine in your soul

The stars will provide the exquisite moments of love in relationships. Weddings and reconciliations are possible


You enjoy harmonious energy in matters of romantic love, Gemini. The relationship between the personal planets Mars and Venus is smooth and collaborative and so it seems that all things are given to you without effort in relationships.

Sex is enjoyed beyond the seriousness and commitment of the bond. Many will even have passionate scenes with lifelong friends. Something they might never have imagined will have extreme possibilities this week.

Pay special attention to Thursdays and Fridays. The moon in the fire sign, Sagittarius, illuminates with its powerful rays the natives of Gemini and offers possibilities of reconciliation and new loves to the children of Mercury.

You shouldn't hesitate if you want to propose marriage or declare your love, the stars offer you their favourable influences on Friday.

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For the Gemini natives, the week is calm on professional and financial issues.

For those who need to communicate through writing or presentation letters, the best energies will be given between Tuesday and Wednesday. These days, the energy flows and promotes salary increases, sales, real estate operations among other possibilities.

Those natives who are looking for a job have their best conditions in these days when the moon and the regent planet Mercury are in an excellent cosmic state in water signs. On the other hand, Venus continues to transit through your sign and this is something that is always an extra benefit when it comes to money and profits.

The natives who are in the process of collecting legacies or dividing up common property in the framework of divorces or similar shouldn't hurry, otherwise, they could make an inconvenient negotiation.


If you're one of those natives who have recently experienced an illness, there's very good news, in a gradual way you will be living a perfect health recovery.

If you have any ailment that has been attracting your attention, don't neglect it, you will find a treatment to improve. You won't find the solution by ignoring reality.