Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 24-30 August 2020: There's good news for you this week

The stars bring a good affective predisposition that favors the unions and the desire to live together


The Sun has entered the sign of the Earth element, Virgo, and will illuminate your zodiacal zone related to home life, family and ancestors. This means that you can have a week in which you should pay special attention to such matters and to relationships with those closest to you.

The manifestations of affection and tenderness will lead to greater awareness and feeling of belonging to a group that you can trust and with which the difficulties of everyday life become lessened.

Mercury invites Gemini to intimate conversations and to identify what the soul longs for in order to be happy. A gathering can result in a greater understanding that allows you to make some plans together or to improve your relationship, in which you have to learn what each of you needs to feel comfortable and loved. 

Wednesday is the perfect day to talk about marriage or to declare your love for that person who makes your heart beat faster every time they approach you, Gemini.

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For this week, most of the business of the Gemini sign natives will focus on doing well the tasks that refer to the comfort of family life. The arrangements that you feel should be made this week regarding the home are supported by the planetary influence. If you're about to start a business with a partner, wait until Thursday for the results to have a good start.

The natives of the sign of Gemini have good energy this week to respond to various job searches. Showing up for a job interview can be a fun experience where you can show how much you know.

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Mercury's children usually show weakness in their arms and hands and this is a week in which many may suffer real torment in their cervical vertebrae with negative consequences in their shoulders and arms.

You'll have to be very attentive to the positions when working  and even when watching television or sleeping. Even in the most relaxed moments you can be careless and damage your skeleton.