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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 23 - 29 May 2022

Gemini, honour your emotions


Gemini, watch out, because you'll feel misplaced again. This week, the arrival of your season will turn your world upside down.

You were sort of starting to grow up emotionally speaking. Now, your airy features have been boosted. Your behaviour could turn out to be more erratic than ever before.

Keep this in mind while the Stars offer a course of events, but the ending is up to you. There's no final fates engraved in the skies. You still have power to make choices.

If you're in love, stop straying off the path. Honour your emotions.  


Gemini, your Weekly Horoscope foresees the start of a prosperous stage. Abundance is making its way into you. It's up to you to clear the path to make that arrival easier.

Luck won't come around if you've got your arms crossed in place. The planets point out to certain tendencies. They're pulling strings to boost the luck of hard workers.

Luck can only be earned. Logic and rational thoughts will help you plan the best schemes. Use this chance to create a solid foundation for your fortune to lay on.


Gemini, message received. Your icy glance has demotivated those who wanted to take advantage of your work.

This week you shouldn't go to extremes, it could slip between your fingers out of control.

You'll tend to make your attributes more intense, and your coldness will turn into cruelty. Escape that spiral right now. Instead, boost your niceness and wit.

Respect can never equal fear. Connect to your inner self to act from a different place, with more empathy and kindness.


Gemini, this week you need to connect with your inner self. You should avoid extreme behaviours.

Run away from euphoria and anger, and do some deep breathing; keep your nervous system at ease. Like the sages used to say, take the middle path.

Your Stars will rule over your changing thoughts. Throughout the next few days, you're in for serious challenges. Your willpower shall be tested.

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