Gemini Weekly on a sky background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 22-28 March 2021: This week will be full of joy

You'll enjoy life! You'll live a very benign and auspicious time in all areas of life


The relationship with your partner will be paradise for the natives of the sign of Gemini. The presence of Venus in Aries will be very stimulating for all affective matters of these natives. Love in all its forms is facilitated thanks to the optimistic and vital energy that abounds in the Cosmos these days.

Friendships will be a source of happiness and relationships will enjoy an idealistic and dreamy mood. You can imagine together a perfect world to live in and you'll do your best to start building it.

You will radiate a very pleasant loving vibe that will attract people to your side. It's a perfect time for dates and encounters. You'll be the target of gifts and compliments.

If you're lonely this week is perfect to start a romance with someone who is part of your group of friends. New relationships are possible now because of your charisma and incredible sex appeal.

This is a very gracious time, you'll enjoy life and relationships with joy and gratitude.

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It's a wonderful time for natives of the sign of the twins who receive the strength of Mars and the energy of Venus in Aries. Social skills come into play and you'll achieve a favorable position in the professional field.

Between Monday and Tuesday, the lunar energy favors the reception of your ideas or products in the social sphere in which you move. The astral disposition of Jupiter brings a tendency to excesses. You could get into trouble with excessive spending. The good luck of this transit will come when you know how to take advantage of your ability to connect with different people in different areas.

You'll like having a fresh and direct relationship with your boss and you'll get a lot out of exchanging ideas and projects. You'll grow professionally thanks to this new way of relating.


The stars indicate beneficial energy in relation to the health of the natives of the sign of Gemini. You'll feel very well, with vitality and freshness. Waking up every morning will be pleasant.

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