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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 22-28 February 2021: You'll discover what's inside of you

The stars favor tenderness and the discovery of why you act like you act in love


It's the last week of the month, Gemini, and with it comes some urgency in the realm of home life. Although at first, you might experience these issues as problematic or negative you'll end up discovering that they're part of a valuable learning opportunity for your soul.

You'll discover the benefits of feeling the unconditional love of someone very affectionate or protective. It could be a woman from your family who shows up in a forceful way to show you how you should act in a professional or financial matter that might end up directly affecting your intimate life.

This is a favorable week to express your emotions while considering the feelings of others. Proposing to share your inner world will be a wonderful option that will lead to the growth of the couple.

Those natives who are single can take this week as a time to prepare for the arrival of love. Knowing your goals in love matters and knowing with certainty what you want and don't want in your life will lead you to a better choice in love.

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In the zodiacal area that corresponds to your professional life, there's a lot of planetary activity this week.  The stars illuminate your activity at work and allow you to show all your virtues.

The presence of planet Venus in the sign of Pisces will increase the possibility of finding a workspace in which you can manifest your best communication and empathy skills. This is particularly so for those natives of the first decan.

A work situation could be coming to an end and making room for something better.

You're in a position where you must discover if there's still some good to be done in a delicate financial matter. The fate of third parties depends on your choices.


This week you could start thinking about improving your health in certain aspects that you know for sure deserve some more attention and dedication. Don't despair, Gemini, and  start taking small steps that will lead you to a definite change.

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