Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 September 2020: You'll help the people you love

You will fulfill all your goals thanks to the disposition of Mercury in good cosmic condition


Don't miss out on all your emotional issues this week. Astral energy indicates a lot of tension in social perspectives. Friends, classmates and family may be having a hard time and will need your good nature to overcome the conflicts and problems that are coming.

Venus continues to provide a tone of sweetness to communication although the dramatic tone may be exaggerated and you may need to moderate your tendency to talk too much so as not to overwhelm your partner.

The natural tendency to communicate will be favourably affected by the astral influences that will lead the natives of the sign of the twins to show more disposition to action than usual by means of fiery and tender methods.

You'll want to guide your partner and help the family find ways out of a critical situation.

From Tuesday 22nd the Moon will transit for two days through your complementary opposite sign and form a large trine figure with Mars and Venus that favours all the romantic affairs of the Gemini natives.

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Gemini, this week you have a tone of careful attention in everything that concerns work and employment. You want to provide the best service and you will find a way to achieve this with little effort.

You'll rely on the speed of your mind to accomplish everything you have committed to.

Don't stop in front of the unknown, if you feel afraid to face it it'll give you more strength.

Natives who run their own business may have to struggle to make a tax payment that will be very difficult to afford. Perhaps you need to ask for a loan, try with a friend before applying to a bank.

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There is much to change in your life Gemini, you have some habits that are harmful and even if you don't see their effects on your body today in the future, they may lead to health problems.

Take care of the quality of the air you breathe, if you're a smoker it's time to quit that bad habit forever, learn to detect the substances in your home environment that are harmful. Fungi, spores, mites in the bedrooms can produce a chronic allergy that affects your bronchial tubes.