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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 21-27 December 2020: You'll be open to change this week

The union of Jupiter and Saturn begins a new cycle that will lead you to great and favorable changes


This week, all your emotional references will be subjected to the impact of the encounter between the advance of your destiny and the need to communicate what you feel before taking a step forward.

The encounter between the Sun and Mercury, your ruling planet in the area related to life as a couple proposes a special capacity to listen and express your practical needs within the relationship. You may simply need to be open to a change in the way you live your everyday life, especially when it comes to money in common.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is the beginning of a different way of sharing life for the natives of your sign. Sexuality can find a new way of expression that will be fundamental.

The North Node in your sign marks a stage where you will become a more mature person in all your relationships.

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Gemini, every year this is a difficult week in terms of money, add to the problems of each year a special sensitivity by associates or people with whom you have money in common.

The last week of the year demands different fiscal management, procedures, company balance sheets, and other cumbersome matters related to the course of money issues. This wasn't an easy year and you'll be grateful that it comes to an end.

This week highlights the financial opportunities you can get. A special offer, an installment payment, or a new acquisition that fills you with pride can turn your sense of worth around and strengthen your personal esteem.

If you're one of those natives who are waiting for the resolution of a family matter that must be solved through legal means before the arrival of Christmas Eve, you'll be able to toast to a very promising end of the year.


During this week discomfort may take over your body and soul. Many internal processes will be happening and you'll probably grieve in the face of an inevitable end. Emotions will play against you. You may develop various physical discomforts of psychological origin.

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