Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 November 2020: Change your everyday attitudes

Your sensitivity will be increased by astral influences and you will show an unknown face to those around you


For this cycle that begins, the stars drive the affective life of the Gemini natives and attract promises of wellbeing and joy. The Moon in your sign on Monday joins Venus in Libra and gives a special glow to all romantic affairs.

You start the week showing a sentimental tone and emotions that aren't usual in your personality, you feel very close to those you love. You feel ready to protect your loved ones and to be protected.

You have an excellent predisposition to solve the problems of the past with good will and desires of concord. If you're in a relationship, you'll seek in every way to find unity and understanding between the two. And your effort won't go unnoticed, on the contrary, you'll vibrate the energy of love wherever you go.

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If you're in a situation of unemployment, this week, you'll have a good chance to get a new job, more dynamic and in line with your ability to manifest yourself. You're a very agile person from the intellectual point of view,

On Wednesday, November 4th, Mercury, your regent, will be in direct motion allowing all those projects you have been working on for a month or more to flow.

If you're waiting for an important communication it should arrive soon as Mercury advances from Libra to Scorpio.

The stars indicate the possibility that a teacher or mentor may appear in your life to guide you towards your goals with intelligence and wisdom.

The job of the employed natives of the sign of Gemini will go through a moment of stability in which they find their ideal place to organize themselves and manifest their capacity in the bonds and in what refers to organizing groups of sales or promotion.

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If you're going through a health problem, it's a good time to get organized and turn around your everyday attitudes.

You could suffer problems in the cervical vertebrae as a result of rigid physical and emotional postures. Releasing your ideas and sharing what is vibrating inside you will help you get better.