Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 19-25 October 2020: Protect your money

Watch out! Mercury in a bad position for you can expose you to data and file loss


It's the last days of the year with the Sun in the sign of Libra favoring your romantic life. The influences of the sign of Libra often have a positive influence on Gemini's love affairs.

The Moon enters your love area in the middle of the week and allows understanding and great dialogue to flood into the home of those natives who are living with their partner. It could be the perfect week to think about making the family bigger through the presence of Venus in Virgo in good aspect to Saturn. Plans for a trip, change and common growth will bring new hope to the hearts of the Gemini natives.

Feeling renewed emotionally doesn't always depend on the attitude of others, it's often about giving value to the people who love you instead of letting yourself be carried away by fantasies and dreams of impossible loves.

For single Geminis, the week is full of good energy that will help you meet interesting candidates.

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For this week, the stars encourage the natives of the sign of the twins to review accounts and evaluate expenses with greater attention than usual. The presence of your ruling planet in your service-related area can bring delays in all matters related to communication.

You may experience some inconvenience with your Internet service or perhaps your computer will have some bugs that will prevent you from working unobstructedly. It's advisable to back up your files and preserve your mobile schedule. Recovering that data can take a long time and bring many problems this week.

If you're waiting for positive news or notification about inheritance and succession, by Friday you will have great news. You may consequently have to face an unpleasant encounter at a family gathering.

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You need to devote a fraction of time to meditation or other activity that promotes a state of mental calm, otherwise, you could experience bad moments in your relationships. You should control yourself in order not to regret what you say.