Gemini sign in pink and orage sky with some stars behind it

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 18-24 January 2021: You'll live a peaceful time

The excellent news regarding family will give a caress to the heart and calm the fear of an unpleasant change


During this week, the stars tip the balance of the life of the natives of the Gemini sign in the direction of a true search for the sense of intimacy within the relationship.

Many are out of the usual vibration in which freshness and superficiality are the tone that guides relationships but instead, a new stage in life will begin. Full of confidence, they are heading towards a better understanding of the feelings in their heart.

By the end of the week, the entrance of the Moon in the sign of the twins will bring pleasant and sweet flavors. Understanding within the home increases and relationships will be nourished by good shared moments.

Those natives of the Gemini sign who are currently single will enjoy sharing wonderful moments with people they love. The soul will be refreshed in the waters of childhood memories.

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The financial affairs of the natives of the sign of the twins will be more stable than they imagine.

In the work environment, although you may experience organizational arguments and problems, things will remain more or less the same as what you are used to. That is neither good nor bad,  your adventurous and curious spirit will be driven by monotony and routine.

If you're in a situation of unemployment, you may be offered an opportunity in a company where your skills and abilities may not be taken into account and the pay won't be great, cheer up, something better will come.


Your overall health will be fine. The only discomfort may be a delay in the results of tests or highly complex studies.  Don't be afraid or upset, everything happens when it has to happen and it isn't positive for your health to harbor negative thoughts. Remember the true power of your mind, every idea, every affirmation is fixed in your subconscious and alters your reality more than you imagine. The worst thing will be your impatience, Gemini, the stress of not managing to control your anxiety will be extreme.

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