Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 17-23 August 2020: You will have a very important mission

When the planets are aligned in your favour your mind shines and you show what you can give


Love can't always be shown with words, and perhaps this week you need them to show their love for you with actual actions.

Gemini natives are often involved in relationships that stimulate their philosophical dreams  and their desire to understand the meaning of existence and life through the mind, but at this moment, the stars are tipping the balance in another direction. A gift or a concrete action will be the key to open you up and provide a feeling of security.

If you're away from a family member or a loved one and you want to re-establish the bond, the best days to do so are Wednesday and Thursday. A conversation, a memory or an invitation to have a coffee can be the starting point to recover the complicity you miss so much.

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If you're one of those natives who are looking for a new job you can use the astral disposition to participate in interviews and show your most charming profile. You will be very seductive, especially from Wednesday, when the new moon in the sign of Leo favours the way you express yourself.

If your professional affairs include travelling or transfers this week, pack your bags. You will leave on a very important mission and you will enjoy every moment more than ever.

Natives who have exams or presentations in schools or universities have the astral favour this week. You will feel proud after successfully passing all the tests, Gemini. Your intellectual performance will be amazing. Studying will be fun and easy.

Thanks to the astral effluviums, the Gemini natives this week will feel very creative. The competitiveness will have the overcoming tone you need to generate enthusiasm and joy. You'll be more aware than ever of your goals and motivations. 

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Gemini, for this week the stars indicate good health in general for the natives of your sign. You will feel very good as long as you know how to perceive when you are exaggerating in your mental activity and take short breaks so as not to do too much.