Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 16-22 November 2020: You will be affected by the mood of those around you

Your sensitivity will be out of the ordinary this week, try to protect yourself and choose your company well


The week begins with the emotional power of the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius which gives the natives of your sign a more complacent look at the needs of the couple. You may feel that you vibrate in opposite directions, that they don't understand you and that may bring some sadness, but you'll still continue to give your all to achieve success.

You may argue with people in your family. You don't realize how much you love each other and you'll just fight for nothing.

The mood of the people around you and especially the mood of your partner will affect you more than ever, but your attitude will aldo affect those you love. You must control your emotions through the power of your mind.

If you're one of those single natives, it will be important to let yourself be carried away by romance and love, it will take you out of the routine and add a pinch of emotion to your life.

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Regarding the professional life of the natives of the sign of Gemini, the stars indicate favorable energy  that stimulates the concentration of the mental capacity and the good communication of the children of Mercury.

The stars favor those natives who are facing legal situations such as successions or division of goods as a result of a divorce. The lawyers or judges will have a performance that will give the natives of Gemini a fair benefit.

Natives who are unemployed this week will find a unique opportunity to demonstrate their ability in an interview. They will be highly valued for their social conditions, their willingness to serve the public and to maintain harmony in their work environments.

The energy of Venus in Libra will favor those natives of the third decan who are running a business. They could see their sales rise or in case they have financial problems receive a cash grant.

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For this week, the stars indicate good influences for the health of Mercury's children.  However, you need to keep the attention on the health of the organs of vision. If you're feeling that you aren't seeing as you used to, you may need to go to your ophthalmologist.