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Weekly Horoscope for Gemini for 16 - 22 May 2022

Gemini, be honest about what you really plan to do


Gemini, this week it's time to do a recap. Think about the quality of your relationships. You should especially reflect on how involved you get.

You're highly demanding when it comes to getting attention. When it's about giving in to those around you, you fall pretty short in that area.

You get easily bored in every situation. Use the entrance of the sun into Gemini on the 20th to enlighten your inner self.

Be honest about what you really plan to do. You'll get a perfect chance to try meditation and self-knowledge techniques.  


Gemini, your finances are doing well. The rut you overcame was left behind long ago.

This week you should continue designing an efficient method to plan and manage your expenses.

Just like an archer with his bow, you've got absolute focus on your vision. Managing your finances with full awareness will bring your business into the next stage.

Pay close attention to the lunar eclipse with a full moon over Scorpio on the 16th, because your mental clarity will reach unexpected new heights.

You've got great potential inside you.


Your Weekly Horoscope calls for caution, Gemini. The odds will be in your favour at the workplace.

The sun coming together with Mercury over Gemini on the 21st gives full attention to pending issues. This is a day meant for stepping back.

Run a cautious check of all documents from the last few months. You might have overlooked a slight detail.

Fortunately, the sun shall enlighten the affairs that need you to pay attention. Wait until Mercury's gone to start visualising new projects.


Gemini, take good care of your diet. A certain type of food could play nasty tricks on you this week. You could unknowingly be suffering intolerance.

Carry out some observation of how you're doing. Only then will you find where the issue lies. Go see your doctor and get tested.

Don't rule out psychological reasons yet. Is there any story or issue tormenting you at night? You should keep your body, mind and emotions in balance.

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