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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 15-21 March 2021 - Pleasant moments

Mars in your sign will favor your dynamism and will increase your energetic disposition in all areas


This week manifests from the first days an adventurous and sensual spirit in all affective relationships of the natives of the sign of Gemini. The Moon in Aries in good aspect with Mars generates a very dynamic mood.  You'll express your need for independence with such intelligence and ability that it will be well received by the people in your daily environment.

In the relationship, you're lively and happy because you have managed to manifest your sensuality with a playful and fun spirit.

From Thursday, the Moon enters your sign and crosses your heart with its beam of light. A sentimental declaration will melt you. You won't know whether to react and say what you feel or whether to keep quiet and wait and feel more confident before making a commitment.

Your emotions will push you to take the initiative over the weekend. Try to contain the emotional torrent that you'll feel in front of any stimulus. You could manifest your irritation and hurt someone that you love.

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Mars in your sign joins the North Node and leads you to achieve your goals.  You have great expectations about the future and you won't cease in the pursuit of your achievements. You'll be very capable of going in the direction of your dreams thanks to the astral force that will lead you without hesitation to find your destiny.

Gemini sign natives may feel challenged to prove their worth and won't stop until they do. The strength that Saturn brings from Aquarius will allow many to demonstrate their leadership and their ability to work. You'll be able to take on the most difficult tasks and will be admired for it.

You'll develop more patience and self-discipline and you'll feel very good about the change in your professional behaviors,

If you wish, it's a good time to start studying a new career or a new language. Don't stop and use this fantastic energy to change your economic life.


The health of Mercury's children is good this week. They'll have a lot of energy and will be inexhaustible. If you're having dental or spinal problems, it's a good time to visit a medical specialist. You could develop an inflammatory process. Don't ignore the symptoms.

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