Gemini Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 February 2021: You'll be admired for your friendliness

Your inner beauty will win the hearts of people who will support you in all your pursuits


The week will begin with the astral energy stimulating relationships with friends. Meetings with people with whom you have a lot in common will be very stimulating both emotionally and mentally. Pleasant conversations and memories of incredible moments will be great fun.

Towards the end of the week, the Moon settles in your sign favoring the ability to perceive the emotional needs of those around you. If you live with your partner you'll live a time of greater empathy and communication. The needs of your loved ones will be easier to satisfy.

Your goals regarding love are clearer this coming weekend. Intimate relationships vibrate in very pleasant energy and are compatible with your most intense emotions and therefore, you communicate in a frank and intense way with your lover.

If you are single, you'll be very appreciated for the way you make people who get close to you feel. Gemini, your frank and fresh way of being will lead you to be the center of a social gathering.

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You're going through a season in which your simplicity, your humility and your good predisposition for work are gaining the interest of important people in your professional world. You'll demonstrate your values and professionalism.

The stars indicate good energy regarding professional life,  particularly for those who must speak in public, salespeople, teachers and lecturers have the astral support to get the attention of public opinion. If you work in the media, it's an excellent week for expansion. Achieving notoriety is possible when the stars illuminate you with their brightness.

If you are unemployed, this is a good week to step forward in a new activity. Don't be afraid to fail, you'll know how to do the right thing.


Your body and physical health are balanced as long as you remain aware of the importance of taking care of your emotional balance.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will continue retrograde this week  and will approach Jupiter in Aquarius causing possible episodes of nervousness and anxiety.

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