Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 14-20 September 2020: You'll be proud of what you've achieved

Your wonderful disposition attracts benefits for your physical and mental health


Gemini, at the beginning of the week, the surprise will be the union of the two signifiers of love and emotion of the Zodiac. The Moon and the planet Venus will come together in the sign of Leo and will bring to your romantic life a precious feeling of pride and happiness for being who you are and being with who you are.

Everyday love will be revealed in conversations and encounters where you may have to explain a life choice you have made. Especially in front of people in your family and immediate surroundings, you may be suspicious or critical.

Be especially careful to protect your home and your privacy from criticism and other problems that may come from some meddlers. Try to listen to your father or mother, even if they aren't present, concepts learned in your childhood will have a special significance on Thursday 17, when the new Virgo Moon happens.

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For those natives who work in the field of communication and transport, it's possible that they will achieve much more than they expected. They may receive extra income or have the ability to sell or buy technology or instruments that will provide comfort and benefits on the job.

Many natives will receive notices, letters, or calls for interviews that promise to be part of a breakthrough in their professional lives.

This week,  the natives of the Gemini sign will have to take the good influence of the stars from Monday until Wednesday, because from there, the vital energy will suffer the demands of the family and there won't be too much time available for work.

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The stars indicate a peaceful trend for the health of the natives of the Gemini sign.  The good disposition of the soul will give rise to positive actions in terms of personal aesthetics.

However, on Sunday, discordant energy could be manifested and it will lead some natives to suffer from annoying gastrointestinal inflammations that will require some care in the diet. There are herbs such as chamomile that infused in water can prevent inflammation and abdominal cramps.