Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 13-19 July 2020: You'll feel great joy and creativity

When you least expect it, blessings can come that will transform your life forever


The astral effect for the children of Mercury this week indicates a positive trend especially from Thursday onwards.  The week begins with a certain meditative tone that can lead you to feel some melancholy or nostalgia for the past. But as the days go by the stars will favour you, Gemini.

Friday 17th is a fantastic day for you, the union of the moon in your sign to the planet of love, Venus, can help you feel exactly what you want from the loved one and transmit it with clarity and feeling so that you receive the desired response.

Gemini, if you're one of those natives who want the family to grow, you have a tendency of great fertility and harmony this weekend that benefits the intimate encounters and the communion of hearts.

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You will spend most of the week improving your communication and displaying your work in front of other people. Judgments about your ability will matter more to you than at other times. You will recognize in them the reflection of what you're giving to your community and therefore it will hurt you not to be as assertive as you would like to.

Of all the signs, you are the one with the mission of informing and transmitting information with precision, so if you're one of those who work in the field of communication, this week will be very demanding and, at the same time, you could feel that you're achieving your desires after much effort.

If you're looking for a new job, the best days to apply for interviews are Thursday afternoon and Friday. The stars bless you with their influence. You will look brighter and more attractive and you will be able to present your abilities without doubts or fears.


Health for the natives of the Gemini sign doesn't show too many setbacks  except for a certain decay that could take over your mood at the beginning of the week.