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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 April 2021: Don't be too curious

It's essential to keep under observation the thoughts and feelings that arise


Gemini sign natives are usually very friendly and given to conversation and social activities. The problem arises when the emotional instability typical of this sign comes into play: Although you are capable of giving everything to your partner when you feel that the enthusiasm has been lost or the vital spark of the relationship is extinguished, you are capable of letting your curiosity lead you into dangerous territory.

This week you could be tempted to be unfaithful to your partner.  A friendship may begin to change its nature to lead you to vibrate the desire to turn that bond into something more.

Venus about to enter Taurus will join the moon in Aries and lead many to initiate a strong and passionate romance with a friend or partner. This is a relationship that you'll want to keep secret in its early stages. If you're single, this won't be a problem, you have nothing to hide and no obligations of fidelity, but if you're in a relationship this can become the beginning of a serious conflict.


The positive influences of Mars continue for natives of the sign of the twins. The vital energy of this planet drives you to initiate business activities, engage in trips, and begin to investigate new ways to achieve your goals with intelligence and vitality.

Many colleagues may see you as aggressive or overly competitive. Criticism may hurt, however, you shouldn't let yourself be carried away by this envious energy that does no one any good. Instead, you should continue to move forward, because for two years you won't be visited again by this invigorating and energetic planet.

If you're unemployed or wishing to start a new activity, this is a good time to associate with people of the sign of Aries or Aquarius. Both signs at this time of the year can bring a lot to your professional and economic life.


It will be a good week in terms of health for Gemini natives  who will have a good astral influence at their disposal.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday digestion could be affected by the influence of the moon in your sign. Emotions will affect physical well-being.

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