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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 11-17 January 2021: You'll learn to take better care of your affairs

This week the stars lead you to pay more attention to details that you used to ignore


For a few days now, you've been feeling a new emotion in your soul that leads you to observe more closely your reactions and those of your partner in certain situations. You may have had a wrong role in a relationship and now, this reflection is manifested in bad responses or wrong positions facing reality.

The week will begin with the Moon entering your sexuality zone and so you may question a special idea about your intimacy.

How you handle your bonds from taking notice of this will be very important to you.  New emotional construction gives you new resources to face life.

If you have children, you're faced with a great dilemma regarding their education. Thinking and talking about this with the rest of the family will be of great help.

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You've got big projects ahead. Your plans seem to be effective and this week it will be easy for you to bring up issues related to traveling and studying.

Gemini college students will experience a season of success and academic recognition. Even those who are teachers will meet the expectations with which they have begun this noble work of education. The awards are coming, and the joy of knowing that you've done well will be enormous.

If you're looking for a job, don't let your enthusiasm fall. The best is yet to come, Gemini.

For many natives, it's time to face their own internal enemies. Fears, laziness, helplessness can be more harmful to your material life than the work system or social situation you're in.


Taking care of your wellbeing is not only about being comfortable but also about being aware of everything that is hidden from your eyes.  You could develop a health problem by ignoring recurring symptoms.  Even a doctor can naturalize a symptom that you've been suffering from for a long time and allow a pathology to become chronic.

If you're experiencing something like this, our advice is to seek an opinion from another professional.

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