Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 10-16 August 2020: Groups are the mainstay of your self-esteem

Your childish and somewhat irresponsible behavior could deteriorate your closest ties


For this week, the natives of the sign of the twins begin with confidence in their social life. The affection of friends, siblings, cousins or fellow students will give them the emotional framework that will contain the difficulties that arise, especially for those who are single.

Many Gemini natives will see that their dreams are diluted, that they have opted for a relationship that won't move forward if you don't take on the problems they have and face the need for a conversation in which they reach agreements and distribute their obligations more fairly. Your tendency to a childish and carefree attitude can deteriorate a bond that is worth looking after responsibly.

On Wednesday the 12th, in the last hours of the day, the Moon will enter your sign and with it, you will receive a wave of extraordinary emotion that could result in confusion due to excessive sensitivity. Listen carefully and try to leave your subjectivity aside.

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The presence of the planet of pleasure and possessions, Venus, in your money zone describes good prospects for this week. Especially towards the end of the week, the natives of the Gemini sign will receive the positive influences of the union between Venus and the Moon by moving through the sign of Cancer.

Those natives who serve the fashion and food industry could benefit from the astral locations. Hairdressers, manicurists, dressmakers, clothing stores and people who work caring for children and the elderly will easily receive the benefits of such locations.

If you're one of those who are starting a business, these days are ideal for you to make yourself known, present your products or hold a meeting to meet new customers. The benefits will be reaped in a few months but you will see your sales grow slowly and the enthusiasm will bring you confidence and joy.

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For the natives of the sign of the twins, this week, the energy in general promises physical well-being as long as they handle their perceptions of the future calmly and without too many expectations.

Uncertainty will be the pattern that dominates your psyche between Monday and Wednesday. You will have a feeling of anxiety that could trigger physical ailments.