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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 1-7 February 2021: Ecstasy is manifested in love

The stars form a magic triangle that favors love, romance and happiness for the children of Mercury


This first week of February the position of the Sun in the sign of Aquarius illuminates in a favorable way the private life of the natives of the sign of Gemini.

This week, many natives find the need to begin to unfold their affectivity in a more concrete way.  Communicating what they feel and expressing love can be a beautiful way to start a new journey with your partner.

The position of the Moon from Monday to early Wednesday attracts new airs, more romanticism, cloying words that inspire to live in an ideal future. The good energy is fed by the alignment of Venus from the sign of Aquarius making a harmonic astral figure with the stars.

Those natives who are single will be able to enjoy the love that will begin to be a part of life. You could be starting an intense bond with someone very special with whom you will fall madly in love.

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This week is very good for those natives of the Gemini sign who have their own businesses or ventures as Venus and Jupiter bring good luck and good dividends.

The profits will be especially noticeable for those who work with new technologies and communications. The only drawback may be due to the retrogradation of the planet Mercury, your regent, who proposes to make a thorough review of all the details of contracts, money movements, high-value purchases, and other matters involving high cost.

If you're looking for a job this week, you shouldn't fail to present your CV. Apply with confidence to different job offers, you'll be favored by luck. Don't be afraid if it takes a while for the call to come in, in a few days you'll flow successfully in your search.


The health of the children of the twin sign couldn't be better this first week of the month. You know that your physical well-being depends on two factors. The first one is to know how to take care of your habits and the second one is to count on a good mood and to feel in harmony. You'll be able to begin to enjoy like never before a greater understanding of your emotions  and for that reason, you'll feel that you take a weight off your shoulders. Lightness suits you.

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