Gemini Horoscope November

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for November 2020: There's good energy for your professional life

You'll enjoy what the relationship life has to offer without being limited or stuck in the past

Love: Reconciliations and returns

Your regent, Mercury, moves backwards through your romance zone and urges you to smooth things over with your partner. Love takes a transcendent space during this month of November. Many natives will remember old times and want the hands of the clock to change their direction. The proposal of an encounter will leave you free for reconciliation or at least a beginning of a dialogue to start over with a love story that deserves to be recycled.

If you're one of those natives who is single, a love from the past will come back to you from Venus, who fills your heart with love from Libra and makes you receptive to open yourself to the affection of someone who wants more than just a friendship.

Gemini, sex life and the ability to spend time with a lover cultivating eroticism and making the relationship grow will be an astral gift you didn't expect.

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Money: Good business

It's a month in which you can take the benefits that the astral configurations bring to those of your sign if you're attentive to the pulse of the month. There are several opportunities for the natives of the sign of the twins in terms of starting a business. November 11 and 12 are good days for this and you could be driven to start a business that may show slow but steady growth, especially if it's linked to beauty services, fashion, and hair care.

If you're unemployed, around the third week of the month, you may find an offer that is compatible with your capabilities and your time availability. Don't let it go, ask for an interview. Friday 13th will be the ideal new moon to sow your desires regarding work issues.

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Health: Nervousness and emotions

Too much emotional stimulation and novelty in your intimate life could lead you to extreme moods. Nerves, insomnia, and lack of appetite can deteriorate your health if you aren't under control and aware of your carelessness.

It's the perfect month to begin to change many of your daily practices, to organize your house in such a way that you achieve more comfort, to eat more fruit, to exercise, and, above all, not to neglect the hours of sleep; all of these are fundamental points for the natives of your sign.