Gemini March on a dark background with shooting stars

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for March 2021: You'll have to make good choices

This month it will be important to watch your behavior so that you don't let yourself get into an unfavorable situation

Love: Fears & difficulties

The month begins with energy in an aspect of tension for the natives of the sign of Gemini as far as love life is concerned. The Sun in the sign of Pisces, Neptune and Venus do their thing and generate complications for many natives, especially those of the second decan that could be carried away by false hopes.

The mood of many natives will be on the floor, not that it is for specific reasons but the astral energy will incline them to suffer from unpleasant states of melancholy. They'll feel very needy of affection and everything may be insufficient.

Romantic illusions may occur for many Gemini natives who will prefer platonic idylls in which they will let their imagination fly without reaching anything specific.

With the arrival of Venus in Aries, it'll be time to step on solid ground and move in the direction of your desires with energy and courage.

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Money: Watch your credit cards

You could get carried away by a tendency to self-indulgence. Spending will reach a dangerous limit. Excesses and a tendency to be carried away by the desire to consume objects of little or no need could lead you to ruin, Gemini.

If you're one of those who are employed, the tendency to laziness that the stars bring for Gemini sign natives could lead you to a loss that you'll truly regret.

You'll have to rely on the good energies of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius that will encourage your growth initiatives. Investments and money movements will be favorable in the last days of March, when Mars enters your sign.

If you're looking for a job, you may have more possibilities when the trine aspect between Saturn and Mars occurs.

Health: Energy & vitality

The stars will be very favorable regarding the health of the natives of the sign of the twins. There's a good energetic disposition as far as health is concerned although the astral signs warn you to control excesses, the tendency to seek gastronomic pleasures can cause physical imbalances.

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