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Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for June 2022

Gemini, relationships need nourishing

Money: New beginnings

Gemini, it's time to start anew; in terms of finances, June will open up a world of business opportunities. You're always willing to jump into the unknown; being led by air, you move along with the wind. You start your projects strong, but don't take long in losing interest.

You're lacking the roots; you have to work on growing your persistence, and allow the fruits of your effort to fully blossom and bloom. Connect to your inner self. Find out what makes your heart beat.

Work: You're more powerful than you think

Gemini, you've got more power than you think; you're great at conveying what you say, and your message is loud, clear and strong. All will listen to your words like an oracle. Don't waste this advantage offered up by your sign.

Watch out for the 22nd, as the entrance of Venus will bring a perfect connection to create new contacts. There'll be more agreements and exchanges, as well as important professional connections. Get in touch with your enlightened twin before you make a move.

Health: Find reasons to stay motivated

Gemini, it's a good time for your physical and emotional well-being; despite the alterations brought on by your season, June is all about enjoyment. If you've got days off stored ahead, the 22nd is a great day to start them off. With Venus over you, travelling with your partner could be a world of adventure and pleasure.

Love: Be more thoughtful

Gemini, the Monthly Horoscope encourages you to open up your heart; you've got to be devoted when it comes to relationships, and make sure you take good care of your partner. Be thoughtful for those who deserve it. You're not usually prone to being affectionate.

You have to work on it, so that you gradually make sure care is always around. Relationships need understanding and nourishing, so start by offering up quality time. If you want love, make sure an honest motivation is the reason.



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