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Gemini Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: Health, money and the gleam of love in your eyes

All material issues seem to be better thanks to small improvements you'll make in your job

Love: Exaggerated sensuality

January will be a month characterized by having a lot of energy available for the romantic affairs of the natives of the Gemini sign. Venus will be in Sagittarius the first week of the month and it will give those in the third decan the opportunity to use their energy to reaffirm their relationship.

People you considered friends can play an unkind role. A betrayal or aggression will surprise you by being unwise and out of place. You wouldn't have imagined something like this from this person. 

The second part of the month won't be as romantic as being plagued by intense and passionate moments thanks to the entry of Venus, the planet of love, into the sexual intimacy zone.

Jupiter already in a compatible sign brings you a good mood, good luck and joy to your daily life.

On January 21st, the Sun illuminates you with its beneficial light from Aquarius and brings its energy of maturation and detachment in all aspects, but especially you can take its light to consider changing your tendency to informality and start making commitments.

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Money: Successful companies

The planet of business and trade, Mercury, enters the sign of Aquarius and approaches Jupiter, so you'll see increased career opportunities and especially have good options for personal growth in all economic matters.

If you're one of those natives who have a business, sales will soar from the second half of the month, but not before teaching you to be firm in many aspects. Responsibility and seriousness will be a new signature of your brand.  You're characterized by your freshness but Saturn adds a new way of acting.

Thanks to the support of your regent, Mercury, if you're one of those natives who are finishing their university studies you'll have before you a sequence of academic demands that will lead you to be exhausted although very happy for the achievements that are made possible this month.

Health: Body changes

The stars indicate a tendency for changes in the way you look. Fluctuations in body weight, changes in your image, new styles of clothing, and the way you look can surprise you this January.

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