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Gemini Monthly Horoscope for February 2021: Fast career progression

You will intelligently seek inner balance and give the best of yourself to your loved ones

Love: Balance

The first weekend of the month is favorable for the romantic affairs of the natives of the Gemini sign who have the support of the Moon in Sagittarius that approaches the South Node and brings facilitating energies of emotional understanding from the past.

Much of what was learned at other times comes as an internal resource to give other nuances to the love life.

The pace of life today could lead you to live moments in which your manners are rude or cold and therefore, make understanding with those closest to you difficult.

Trying to handle with pragmatic intelligence the problems sustaining the relationship will be the challenge of this month  for the natives of the sign of Gemini, especially for those of the first decan.

If you're lonely, open your eyes: someone you barely know or perhaps a stranger could become that special person you're longing for.

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Money: The recognition arrives

It's a month in which the activity of the natives of the sign of Gemini will be focused on giving strength to everything related to legal matters, studies, changes of residence and new knowledge.

If you're one of those who are in the process of completing agreements with an institution you'll have to wait until the 21st day of the month when your regent, Mercury, begins its direct movement and favors contracts and negotiations in which you'll be involved.

This month you may be offered a new job away from home, you'll have to intelligently weigh the pros and cons of moving out of your comfort zone.

As of Friday 25th, the planet Venus enters Pisces and brings recognition and favors from the professional world. You'll feel that the time has come to show the world your virtues and move forward.

You'll be admired for your empathy and capacity to make different forms of work compatible.

Health: Internal care

The health of the natives of your sign will be stable this month, although they will feel that they must take action with respect to the care of the psychic health and many natives may be oriented to look for psychological assistance with the objective to surpass some emotional blockades that make difficult their free flow.

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