The Gemini zodiac sign with a starred background

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2020: Romance will be essential

It will be essential to know meditation techniques or to learn how to strengthen the "here and now"

Love: A fairytale

Love for the natives of the sign of Gemini manages to achieve certain stability this month. It's true that you've had to give a lot of your integrity and individuality in the past months, but especially this last month of the year you will be able to show that you've made a change in your personality by increasing your empathy and reinforcing your ability to be attentive to the needs of your partner and all those around you.

The month begins with the Full Moon in your sign and this will give you an energetic tool that you can take if you need to grow emotionally. This vibration will also be useful if you're thinking of increasing your family.

December 14th will be one of those days that you should take advantage of. An energetic portal given by the new moon will be established in the area of your relationships. The union of Mercury and the South Node to this astral event strengthens your intentions and renews matters of love.

If you're single, this is an excellent opportunity to begin a solid relationship with karmic characteristics. A love that comes from other lifetimes can reach your present.

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Money: Don't put off your obligations

It'll be a month in which it could be very difficult for you to focus your mental energy on work and the obligations of material life. You have a lot to do but your mental attention may be too focused on your emotions. The stars advise you to focus your intelligence on solving everything you can in the first fortnight of this last month of the year. If you need to prepare the closing of inventories you need to do it as soon as possible because you could be left without the time and the attention that this type of task requires if you leave it to the end of the month.

If you're one of those natives who are currently unemployed, you could be called for temporary tasks, although the most important thing in the professional sense could come as a call to participate in a cooperative venture.

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Health: Here and now everything is fine

The natives of the twin sign have no major health concerns this month. They will feel that fatigue is directly linked to the psychological burden that comes from material worries.