Gemini Horoscope August

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2020: Good energies regarding work

The best scenarios in love will happen this month when Venus leaves your zodiacal zone

Love: You'll live a perfect love

As the month of August begins, the planet of love says goodbye to your sign after having spent a long season offering its positive influences to you. You may have gathered excellent results of this wonderful transit and you will have to make the most of it until Saturday 8, when it changes to the sign of Cancer.

The proximity between Venus and the North Node is an indicator that you will resolve issues related to your future love life in a definite way. The choices you make in this first week will be the result of the many lessons you have learned in the last few months.

You know what you want from your love life, what is good for you and what you cannot tolerate from your partner again.

Gemini natives who are single must be especially careful of deception or relationships with married people. Lies and betrayals may surprise you if you don't pay attention to the signs.

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Money: You've got good energy

For the natives of the Gemini sign the good energies regarding work continue to come. It will be from the entrance of Venus in Cancer that they will have excellent resources in terms of money and fluidity in economy.

Especially those natives who work in commercial activities or in the media will have very good results in the professional field and will perceive that their work is recognized. Sales will increase as much as praise, and that is something valuable in times like these.

For those natives who are looking for a job, the last week of the month will be the one with the best astral influences. Venus and Mercury are placed in an excellent cosmic aspect and they favour you with their energy.

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Health: Balance

In general, the health of Gemini natives will remain in balance during the month of August.

From day 20 your regent planet, Mercury, joins the Sun and enters the sign of Virgo, offering the natives of your sign better tools for recovery from chronic diseases. It will even be possible for you to perform different actions to improve your physical health such as exercises and special diets.