Gemini April on a sky background with shooting stars

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for April 2021: You receive high doses of energy

This month you will be able to give shape to many of your projects thanks to the strength of Mars and the support of Venus in Aries

Love: Mutual collaboration

From the beginning of the month until around the 19th the stars support you, especially the two planets that refer to romantic life and passion: Mars in your sign and Venus in good cosmic state support each other in a sextile aspect. Relationships could go smoothly as long as there's no competition between the two of you. Try to enjoy the differences by sharing the tense moments with joy and calm. Venus in the impetuous sign of Aries brings a force for love that can sweep everything away or ignite a dull flame.

Gemini, on the last days of the month love affairs can become a problem for you.  You could find yourself involved in a love relationship outside the established order of your environment. Sneaking around with that forbidden love or even a call at the wrong time could unleash a storm in your affective life.

Beware of lies, especially those you may utter out of fear of telling your truth. They will cause a lot of damage.

Money: Ideas that thrive

Natives of the sign of the twins will have throughout the month of April wonderful energy that gives them the strength to move forward in their affairs and achieve many of their professional desires.

Mars will remain in your sign until April 24 when it enters the sign of Cancer and brings a major boost to financial matters. Money issues could be resolved in the last days of this month.

Venus in the zone related to ideals and group work supports your endeavors with its brightness and attracts a person to work with you and collaborate with your ideas. 

Creativity and a good communication strategy will be your main support in achieving your goals.

Health: Take control of your nervous system

Affective problems could be a source of nervous disorders. It will be very important to avoid the intake of invigorating drinks such as coffee or green tea among others. Rest and try to manage your nervousness through activities that nourish your spirit.

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