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Gemini Horoscope 2021: There's a lot of growth energy for you this year

It will be an unforgettable year for those natives who choose to follow the influence of the stars

Love: You'll leave immaturity aside

For this year, the transit of Saturn through the sign of Aquarius will be a gift for all the affairs of Gemini natives. In addition to the fact that the North Node will continue for some time to contribute its maturity, this is the moment to turn around the tendency to the immaturity characteristic of your sign and to be able to advance in your relationships (romantic, friends and even family). The change in this aspect will give the possibility to Mercury's children to lose the fear and prejudices regarding their way of loving and this will provide great freedom.

In May 2021, Jupiter enters Pisces, and this could be a time when professional life demands too much time per week and moves Geminis away from home. Traveling and higher education can affect the relationships of the natives of the first decan.

The expression of sexuality may be in question in the middle of the year. Desire won't be stable and you may experience demands from your partner.

For those natives of the sign who are single, there's good news. In August, you will find love and it will stay forever or at least for a long time.

In the last quarter of the year, you're guaranteed to have beautiful love stories and incredible passion scenes, Gemini.

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Money: If you value yourself, you'll be valued by others

There is a lot to do regarding your professional life this year. The maturity that Saturn brings in conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius opens a new chapter in the life of Geminis. This energy might open up a new field of experience for Mercury's children who will wish to join in collective projects of an ecological or technological nature.

Everything that is modern and alternative will attract your attention and some may start a venture in the area of computer or communication services.

There's a lot of growth energy for the Gemini natives, it'll be a special year if they want to put an end to old professional issues that prevented financial development. Many will awaken to the vision of greater personal value, better care of their own value can result in better earnings, and more prestige.

Health: A lot of energy

In general,  it will be a quiet year for the health of the natives of your sign. Mars will transit through your sign in March and therefore, you can feel full of energy but don't relax because this aspect also makes you prone to major accidents and injuries, especially if you're in a moment of psychological distress. Uranus will play its part in working on your subconscious for a while longer.

Sleeping problems can have a very negative effect on you if you don't look for a solution.

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