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Gemini Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

Read all about Gemini' compatibility with other signs

Checking your daily horoscope for your compatibility can be very entertaining. The compatibility matches are, most of the time, true. In any way, they are correct because each personal characteristic is based on the astrological map according to your birth chart. If you want to check your current relationship partner's compatibility rate, you should determine first what zodiac sign your partner belongs to. After that, you can now check if you and your partner are a good match.

Libra and Gemini compatibility

Libra  and Gemini  have a powerful mental connection with each other. Sometimes, they have the same thoughts and ideas, so it seems as if they had the same brain. Their individual intellectual level doesn't affect their mental connection with each other. Even if Gemini natives are more intelligent than Libra natives or the other way round, they can still mentally communicate with each other. Of course, there are times that the person with the higher intellectual ability will have better thoughts and ideas, but still, they have a solid mental connection. Aside from this, both of them are social butterflies. They love parties, social gatherings, and other events that involve them to be in interacting with other people. Because of this personality, they rarely miss the community gathering and other social meetings prepared by their friends, relatives, and acquaintance.

During their free time, they love discussing different things with each other. For example, while watching television and something catches their attention, they will surely discuss it and share their opinions. Their favorite topics include social and even cultural issues. While walking on the streets or traveling, they love to note the interesting points along the way, and they often discuss it when they have time. Aside from having the same qualities, Gemini and Libra also complement each other. There are personal traits that Geminis don't have, but that Libras do, as well as the other way round. They are using these complementary character traits to protect and nourish their romantic relationship.

They will face relationship struggles and challenges as well.  Still, because they have a strong mental connection and are very good at communicating with each other, they can easily overcome them. They don't rush into things, and they believe that all problems can be solved by talking and understanding each other. Thus, whenever they have a problem, they always talk about it first and discuss the possible solutions. With their approaches in life, they can live a happy and fruitful romantic relationship.

Aside from being a romantic couple, Gemini and Libra can be excellent friends as well. Their mental connection, good communication abilities, and complementing character traits are useful in their romantic relationship and are useful in the improvement of their friendship.

Aquarius and Gemini compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius belong to opposite poles, so they have a strong magnetic attraction for each other. They often share the same intellectual level so they can understand each other well. Some of their character traits may be the opposite, but some of their hobbies and interests are the same. An example is their love for talking. Like the Gemini and Libra couple, this one also loves to discuss different topics with each other. So, they are often included in debates and other talks that are intellectually-based. They don't easily give up on the conversation, and they always make sure that they win the argument. They won't stop unless the other people will understand what they are trying to explain. It's hard to argue with this couple, especially if you lack knowledge on social issues and intellectual topics, because they will challenge you with their intellectual ideas.

They could also face some difficulties in their relationship as well. But since they're good at talking and resolving, they will easily overcome them. Aside from being lovers, they can also be friends because of their common interests and hobbies. They often get involved in the same activities.

Aries and Gemini compatibility

There is no other couple that is as adventurous as the Gemini  and Aries  one. They love to travel to different places, and one of their favorite hobbies is exploring around. They love to go on the treasure or scavenger hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, and visiting other places. They rarely stay in their homes because they're always out there, enjoying the adventure time. When it comes to their partner’s previous life, they don't actually care about it. What matters most to them is the present. They also believe that there is no future and no present without the past, but they don't put too much attention on the person’s previous life.

Each one of them respects their partner’s freedom because it's something they value a lot. Thus, in their relationship, they aren't dependent on each other. To put it simply, they can survive with minimal help and supervision of their partner. But, they also understand that they are in a relationship, and they know their limitations. If their partners need them, they will surely comfort them.

One difference that this couple has is their communication skills. Gemini is a good talker. However, Aries doesn't like conversation too much. As a result, they often get irritated with the continuous talking of Gemini natives.

Leo and Gemini compatibility

A Gemini  and Leo  couple are like kids: playful and easy-going. They love a dramatic and colorful life, and they want to enjoy everything that they do. Even if they are in a difficult situation, they still find a way to keep their life happy and fun. Their intellectual levels may not be the same, but they are still compatible with each other. For as long as they understand each other, they can survive with their romantic relationship.

Like other partners, Geminis and Leos have their own differences as well. If they don't handle them wisely, they could break up quite fast. Commitment is an issue for them. Geminis don't want commitment; they want personal freedom and choice, to come and go whenever they want. On the other hand, Leo wants a committed partner, someone who can assure their relationship. The commitment Leo wants isn't necessarily a signed paper or a ring, but it's more of an emotional commitment. They want a partner that is fully responsible emotionally.

Sometimes, Leo misunderstands the Gemini’s dedication to their relationship because of the lack of this emotional commitment. This often brings about misunderstanding in their relationship. Leo often gets hurt because Gemini is not committed. But with proper understanding, the relationship between these two zodiac signs can still succeed.

Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility

The Gemini-Sagittarius  relationship is probably the most restless among the rest of the zodiac signs. They always want a thrill in their relationship. They often travel, and as husband and wife, they often move from one place to another. They are both very flexible that wherever they go, they can easily adapt to the environment and the community’s culture. They make friends easily, so they don't feel like they're strangers in a new community.

Their approaches in life are different, but they clearly understand each other’s ways. Geminis love to take things slowly, one step at a time, while Sagittarius wants a fast and quick approach. When they are together, they may have conflicts because of their different perspectives in life, but they will eventually consider each other’s plans and ideas. So at the end of the day, they have always accomplished something using a unified method. Sagittarius also lacks some philosophical abilities, but Gemini has them. Thus, in times that a philosophical view is needed, Geminis can fill in Sagittarius's space. With this, they often succeed in their endeavors.

This couple also loves their freedom, so they don't often cling to each other. Some couples may see their relationship as one that lacks emotion, but deep inside their hearts, there are deep feelings and affection for their partners, only that, they don't want their emotion to hinder their personal freedom. They may lack emotional affection and commitment, but they can still survive their relationship because there's burning love for each other deep inside.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility

Unlike other opposite couples that attract each other, these opposite individuals repel each other. They have different approaches in life that they often clash with one another. Gemini  is full of strategic plans and uses them to succeed, while Capricornbelieves that a systematic approach is the best. If they are together, instead of combining their strategic and systematic plans, they fight as to which plan or approach must be used. They want only their ideas to be used, and it's difficult for them to acknowledge other people's ideas.

In terms of relationship, Capricorn wants a serious relationship, one that serves just like a home, a relationship that brings comfort and happiness to both parties. On the other hand, Gemini wants a fun relationship, a not-so-serious relationship where they can come and go as they like. Because of these opposite views, they often engage themselves in serious arguments and fights. The misunderstanding usually results in break-ups because they can't understand each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Gemini also is an adventurous and flexible individual. No matter what the situation is, the sign of the twins' natives can easily adapt. As a couple, Gemini and Capricorn should always be together. However, Capricorn is not as adaptive and flexible as Gemini. The latter may survive in the forest, while a Capricorn might find it quite difficult. A Gemini may survive in a rural area, while a Capricorn can’t. 

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio are complete opposites. From an emotional perspective alone, one can say that they aren't compatible with each other. Scorpio is an intense love and can get emotionally attached to their partner easily. They are also very jealous partners. These characteristics may suffocate Gemini's easy-going, who doesn't want a jealous, overly emotional, and clingy partner.

In terms of their intellectual abilities, Scorpios aren't that intellectual when compared to Geminis. Scorpio possesses a rough and rugged personality that suits sports and activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, etc. On the other hand, Gemini is an intellectual person. They love to participate in discussions that make use of the intellectual ability of a person. If the subject is easy and simple, Gemini may take it as a boring topic and may not enjoy it.

Pisces and Gemini compatibility

It is indeed true that Pisces and Gemini share some common qualities and personal character traits, but that doesn't make them compatible with each other. In fact, they are highly incompatible. They're both flexible and adaptive individuals, but their opposite character traits are more dominant. As an intellectual individual, Gemini mainly uses his or her brain and knowledge in different situations. On the other hand, Pisces mainly uses his or her feelings and intuitions.

Taurus and Gemini compatibility

Taurus  and Gemini  have complementing qualities that can make them compatible with each other, but instead, these qualities can make each other irritated, thus, making it an incompatible pairing. For example, Taurus is a steady individual. They want other people and also their partner to always depend on them. This quality often irritates Gemini because they don't like to depend on someone, not even their romantic partner. Usually, Taurus sometimes reminds Gemini that whenever they need something, Taurus will be there. Instead of getting touched or moved, Gemini natives might feel offended because, in their mind, it seems like Taurus is underestimating their abilities to be alone and independent.

Furthermore,  their love for communication is different. Gemini wants a fast conversation, and they don't stick to only one topic. They want to discuss everything under the sun if possible. Some people find it difficult to have a conversation with a Gemini because of their ability to talk fast and shift from one topic to another easily. Taurus, on the other hand, wants to discuss every part of the topic slowly and carefully. 

Cancer and Gemini compatibility

Gemini  and Cancer  will often fight with each other because of their contrasting and opposite personalities. Their greatest difference is their emotional attachments. Cancer, like Scorpio, is a very emotional person. Cancer wants their partner to be fully attached on an emotional level. Cancer doesn't feel fulfilled if they can't feel an emotional attachment from their partner. Gemini, on the other hand, hates emotional attachment. Gemini would rather be alone than be attached to anybody else, they like to keep their freedom, and they hate it when somebody keeps on clinging to them. It irritates Geminis when someone keeps asking where they are, what they're doing when they are coming back, and so on. Cancer may see it as a form of affection, but it's a form of invading someone’s privacy for Gemini.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility

It would be nice if Gemini and Virgo could be together because they're both rational, and their intellectual capabilities are on the same level. However, no matter what they do, they aren't really meant to be with each other. Their approaches towards life are opposites, and they often argue which one among them is correct or has a better idea. Virgos are efficient and always analyze a situation firsthand before jumping to a conclusion. Gemini, on the other hand, doesn't care about the possible outcomes of their decisions. Gemini rushes things out without even analyzing the situation because they are willing to take any risk. Virgo, in contrast, can't stand taking risks. Thus, Virgo’s moves are carefully analyzed and planned. They can be good friends because they still understand each other, but they won't succeed in a romantic relationship.

Best compatibility for Gemini

There are two zodiac signs that are most compatible with Gemini: Libra  and Aquarius. They aren't totally equal, but they are compatible with each other. They don't share many qualities and character traits, but they understand each other perfectly. They both have intellectual and emotional connections, so their relationship will succeed without much hassle. Aside from being romantic couples, these couples can also become the best of friends.

Other zodiac signs that are compatible with Gemini

Aside from Libra  and Aquarius, Gemini  may have a successful relationship with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. There are differences between them, but they know how to handle them and not affect their personal relationships. Their compatibility rates are not as high as Libra and Aquarius, but their relationship can also work.

Worst compatibility for Gemini

If there are two zodiac signs that are best compatible with Gemini, there are three, on the other hand, that have the worst compatibility: Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces. It's not because they are opposite each other, but it's because they lack the ability to understand each other. Even a friendship may be difficult to be established between them because they often clash with each other. They can be competitors in the future, but there is a little chance of it as an alliance.

Other zodiac signs that are not compatible with Gemini

Aside from Capricorn, Scorpio,  and Pisces, the other zodiac signs with low compatibility rates with Gemini  are Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo. Their compatibility rate is below 50 percent, so a romantic relationship isn't likely to succeed. However, if they work well to fill in and understand each other’s differences and contrasting qualities, they can be good friends and even business partners.

The other signs' compatibility