Gemini Horoscope 2020

Your Gemini Horoscope for 2020

Your Gemini annual prediction.

Love: Tenderness and affection

Throughout this year, the natives of Gemini won't have big surprises when it comes to romantic relationships.

Those who are in a relationship will have some peace of mind if they have an orderly and peaceful behaviour. You could enjoy love and share your optimism without too many detours or conflicts. However, if you're willing to analyse every event or situation you've experienced, you'll start feeling anxious.

Gemini, this year you'll have to remember that your ability to play and your positive attitude are, at the same time, a virtue and a defect. Everything depends on a fair measure.

This year you'll be more in tune with the needs of your loved ones.  You'll enjoy being at home or seeing your friends more than ever.

On the other hand, sex life can be quite intense and through intimate contact with others, you can vibrate the depth of your feelings.

On April 4, Venus will enter your sign and will stay there until August, when it'll move in retrograde. This movement of the planet that governs love will give the natives of your sign time to take a positive turn in their relationships.

If you're single, this will be a great time to start a romantic relationship.

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Money: A time for rewards

For Gemini, it's time for rewards regarding their careers.    From June, the presence of the Sun and the North Node in your sign help you to achieve your professional dreams. 

If you've been waiting for recognition to come regarding your work, this is your year, Gemini. Throughout 2020, your situation will become more stable. You're more mature and you'll be as disciplined as you have to.

It's a year in which many will believe that you just have good luck, but you'll know that you clearly deserve all the rewards that come your way.

Learn the lesson and save for the future. Your maturity will guide you towards good investments.

Health: Working towards your well-being

The time has come to behave with maturity and assume that your body has needs.

Having good daily habits and going for routine check-ups are your priorities this year. 

It's time to behave responsibly, stop any bad habits and exercise regularly to stay healthy.