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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Monday, May 9, 2022

Gemini, don't go wasting time


Gemini, be prepared. When it comes to relationships, you'll get a surprise today. Break through your shell and let opportunity take you along.

Love takes blind trust. You can't experience true passion if you only give in halfway.

This isn't the time for subtle hints. Be an open book. If you like what you see, go for it.

If you aren't convinced, change your course of action and go elsewhere. Don't go wasting time.


Gemini, go for it. Your Prediction for today foresees a good time to get a business started up. The wheel of fortune is spinning in your favour.

You'll finally get the synchronicity you were waiting for. The Stars have unrolled the red carpet. Walk through it with your usual charm.

No matter your business area or field of expertise, make sure it lines up with your essence. Only then will you be able to get really involved.

You're good at persuading those around you. Do it for what you believe in.


Your Horoscope for today comes along with a warning, Gemini. When you're at workdouble-check every task you do.

You could have a pitfall in the form of a mistake you haven't seen. But don't feel overwhelmed. This season you should be really careful.

The Stars are here to save the day and avoid a bigger threat. Remember that a premonition isn't engraved in stone.

Your sign's Prediction is a gift that makes you more aware. That's how you should take it. You're lucky!


Gemini, you'll be a little stressed today. Tend to your mental and emotional health. You'd do great to do some mild stretching.

Let your body loose to get free of all that tension. Sea breeze will be your best treatment today. You need to get in touch with air, your element, in full swing.

Feel its freshness filling you up. If you're far from the sea, don't sweat it.

Any form of nature works. For instance, a park. It's time to get in touch with your essence.

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