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Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, January 9, 2021: It's time to show your feelings

A beautiful and romantic evening can make you get to know each other again but in a deeper way


Tonight the lunar flow will affect your world as it relates to relationship life. The Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius and blesses you with its luminous and optimistic energy.

If you're one of those natives who are single, the moon in your complementary opposite sign invites you to go after your desires regarding love affairs. You may be feeling a special attraction to someone in your immediate environment.

This Saturday brings a lot of emotional energy, you'll feel the power of love and sensitivity in all areas of your life, Gemini. Understanding the needs of your loved ones will seem like child's play.

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This Saturday offers interesting news for you. The stars accompany you and give their prizes to those natives who have really made an effort in recent times.

Use your responsible ability to finish a matter or business that you haven't finished yet, trust in the help that Saturn will give you from Aquarius.

Take your place in a familiar financial matter. The time has come to be responsible for your choices, and that includes looking the other way when you need to change direction.

The lucky number for this Saturday is 12. A suggestion from destiny can lead you to a more creative vision of your material life.


If you've ever felt the fear of suffering from circulatory problems, it's important to pay attention to your legs. Circulatory pathologies aren't always visible. If you feel heaviness, tingling, or other discomforts, it might just mean that you're tired but it's always good to rule out a more serious problem.

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