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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Sunday, May 8, 2022

Gemini, say what keeps you tense


Gemini, be very cautious. In your relationships, ambiguity keeps poking its head. Don't let your mind play nasty tricks on you.

Mental restoring won't help much, because it's influenced by your subjectivity. It's time to get over it. You can't put the world into numbers the way you'd want to.

When it comes to the heart, you need a more emotional approach. Talk to those around you that you can trust dearly.

Say what's making you nervous. A different perspective will broaden your mental horizons.


Gemini, your lucky strike continues. Your finances are healthy. Your brilliant organisation has a lot to do with it.

The Stars only gave you a minor push. Your mental agility will allow you to move around effortlessly.

You're like a fish in water. It's time to save yourself from extravagant expenses. There'll be a day, not too far off, when you'll be able to make an old dream come true.

You're in the perfect balance between thought and action. They need each other to survive.


The Daily Horoscope predicts the arrival of a nice surprise. At work, your eloquence will bring rewards, Gemini. You've truly impressed those you should.

Enjoy your luck without losing track of your next goals. Keep working on your strengths, such as being nice. Your social skills will open many doors.

And on the other side, avoid fakery or hypocrisy. You can't avoid that duality fully, because your sign is ruled by twins.

But it isn't a surprise that the world prefers your bubbly side.


Gemini, give yourself more time. Tend to your imaginative nature when you're alone. When you get artsy, you connect to your essence.

Open up space in your schedule for these moments. Balance out your colder side with a flow of emotion.

Get surrounded with those who help you open up. Your wits entertain the whole world, but don't shelter behind them. Show your vulnerability from time to time.

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