The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, March 8, 2021: Cuddling and physical contact heal love

Many times the energy load requires a detox. Prepare your ritual, you will feel renewed and light


The energetic deployment that occurs in the sign of Aquarius isn't something that is unnoticed by you, Gemini, on the contrary, that energy will be what drives you to make great changes in your inner world. The hope of a new time for your partner is what keeps you confident that you can be happy. The problems will be in the past and you may be about to live a new stage in which today you trust can be a new opportunity in the life of both of you.

Conflicts will be left behind and the little rough edges will be overcome with hugs, cuddling, and eroticism. This might not be the best way to understand each other, on the contrary, for you, communication is paramount. But the cosmic energy favors understanding each other better than ever with the language of the body.

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Your professional growth depends on being constant in your search, and for this, you have the support of the planet Saturn in the sign of the Air element, which gives you perseverance and strength, and you show that you know how to do what is expected of you.

Letting people know about your ability and expressing yourself with kindness and intelligence can help you to contact people who can lead you to a triumph in your profession.

It's an auspicious day to apply for loans or to apply for competitions or scholarships.


Sensitivity this Monday is extreme. Your body feels the vibrations of the environment and therefore, you could go through moments of discomfort and even suffer from mild headaches. It will be convenient to free yourself from the dense energy that could be affecting your auric field and perform a small and brief cleansing ritual such as smoking with incense and rosemary or taking an immersion bath with sea salt.

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