Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, July 8, 2020: You're a wonderful influence on your surroundings

You will be enveloped in a vibrant energy of love and calm that enhances all your relationships


You know you've achieved a lot in love despite the mistakes of the past. Rectifying each step taken and knowing how to ask for forgiveness have helped you to strengthen your relationship.

This Wednesday the astral energy favours relationships for the Gemini natives. Your inner peace will give all your relationships a bath of harmony and understanding. You will be a positive and calming influence on the mood of others who will feel very good in your presence.

You'll be able to express your feelings without having to pretend or hide details. You will feel that you own your thoughts and that it isn't necessary for you to shut up about anything.

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Today the natives of the sign of Gemini will achieve some objectives that were proposed some time ago and that today take on a new dimension and importance.

The presence of the planet Mars in a good cosmic state for your sign will help you to take the necessary impulse to head towards your progress.  If you were thinking of making a change in your professional activity, today is a good day to take some steps in that direction.

Today you will have an extra touch of confidence in your choices and your abilities and that is why you will get a benefit that otherwise you would not achieve especially if you are one of those natives of the first deanery.


You'll feel very good thanks to the astral emplacements that benefit you. It's a great time for you to play sports and build up your physical strength. If you participate in group sports activities you will be admired for your willingness to be physically active and to motivate your teammates.

You'll vibrate an inner power that will be a blessing. A gift of life that you will have opportunities to enjoy if you keep the right balance between rest and activity. You are living a perfect moment in terms of energy and vitality that you can enjoy.