Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, August 8, 2020: Keep your feelings a secret

To avoid criticism or conflict it is often better to hide your feelings


It's an ideal day for reflection on the romantic motivations that can incline you in one direction or another for your emotional life.  Gemini, a temptation directs your gaze towards a married or engaged person and it will hurt you because you don't know what to do.

You could feel the influence of the Moon in conjunction with Chiron affecting your relationships within groups such as the club or other associations. If you are in love, you don't have to tell or share it with anyone; criticism could make you feel uneasy or guilty. The forms of love are different for everyone and it's very complex to try to explain your feelings in words.

Everything will be fine, especially if your partner is a Leo or an Aries. If your partner is from Capricorn or Cancer you will have many differences to talk about and make agreements.

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Working life is uphill today. If you have to go to your workplace you will feel that the day ahead will be eternal.

Financial worries add to a dreamy mood that distracts you and can lead you to make many mistakes.

Making up for your mistakes will steal the time you would like to spend on new projects and you may suffer some setbacks as a result.

The lucky number for the Gemini natives for today is 55. This number indicates your willingness to grow, open yourself to a new path, welcome a new way of working and making money.

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It's a great day for health and fitness. Although you may be a little distracted due to Neptune's influence.

Those natives who are undergoing medical treatment will feel that some changes in diet and following the doctor's prescriptions provide benefits. You feel good about following the specialist's instructions.