Gemini Horoscope Monday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, September 7, 2020: Your words are the right ones

You will be the bearer of a wonderful vivacity and energy that is a source of joy in your social environment


The sky is your ally when it leaves you room to give the romantic speech of your life. Through your wise and well-chosen words you will manage to attract the attention of that person you like so much and who won't notice if you are tall or short, thin, blond or brunette, but they will feel weakness for intelligence. You're that intelligent person and therefore, you are their favourite, Gemini.

For the natives of the sign of Gemini who are single the stars bring waves of love and opportunities in the emotional aspect of their lives.  You may find in someone you love the love you need but it might come from someone in your professional environment.

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All your business ideas have a special glow today and that is because Mercury, from your ally sign, Libra, gives you much clarity on any issue you're trying to reveal.

Your partners or colleagues will rejoice in your knowledge. Your balanced reasoning will help the whole group achieve common goals. This is how you grow professionally.

Despite your skill, there are issues that have overtaken you that have more to do with the world and national situation than with your ability, so you shouldn't blame yourself if you have lost money or an opportunity has gone by.

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The mental energy of the Gemini natives is abundant, they are usually people with a pleasant and light mood that helps to overcome many of the tensions of everyday life, but it isn't always enough to carry forward a day's work in which the demands of all kinds will be excessive.

Allowing yourself moments of rest will help to recharge your batteries. You must even learn to give your mental activity some quiet time, otherwise, resting won't be enough.

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