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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Gemini, don't make those around you responsible for your own happiness


Gemini, your Prediction for today is here for a wake-up call; you get bored of relationships extremely easily. You delegate your well-being onto those around you. That's absolutely unfair, you're the sole responsible for your bliss.

Are you looking for a partner or a clown? If you want some fun, hit the movies instead; those around you already have issues to tackle. Do some reflection time; you're asking for too much. There's no way to hold such a heavy responsibility forever.


Gemini, your Horoscope for today will focus on the skies. Today, the crescent moon over Virgo comes to the rescue. The influence of earth will give you the stability you need to straighten out your ideas. In the midst of your own season, you feel more volatile than ever.

What those around you consider irresponsible is unavoidable to you, part of you. You feel vulnerable. Your changing personality keeps drawing you far, when you actually want to come closer.


Gemini, you should show some empathy. Today you'll be responsible for motivating colleagues. Your words can move mountains. Your summoning power is quite impressive. Move around from a place of honesty. When conveying your message, avoid using manipulation.

You're well aware of the mental triggers that bring around certain emotions. Forget about them. Instead, slip into the shoes of those around you. Talk from an empathetic, compassionate standpoint. Under the wrong scope, you've got quite a hypocritical behaviour. There's too many smoke-sellers, talk from the heart instead.


Gemini, keep your mood up. Today, go outside into your balcony and enjoy the moonlight. You'll be immediately ambushed by well-being. In the loneliness of night, set your priorities straight. Connect to what's inside you. Make sure you listen to your soul. The right path always drives you down that road. It might be hard for you, but try to keep your thoughts at bay.


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