The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, December 7, 2020: Simple looks will sweeten your heart

Profits increase! Very positive news comes into your professional life


This Monday, the stars bring some surprises for the natives of the sign of Gemini of the hand of the Moon in the sign of the element Earth: Virgo. This lunar position is very favorable for all matters of the heart of these natives who can take the lunar vibration if they wish to harmonize their relationship and find a simple and favorable point of communication between them.

The natives who are in a relationship that has been suffering problems and differences can take the astral influences to benefit themselves in the contact, a tender look, the felt embrace with the heart and the silence can often fix matters that have led you to suffer and cause suffering.

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This Monday, you start the week very well in terms of astral energy and professional tasks. The passage of Venus through the sign of Scorpio continues to favor the natives of your sign who receive recognition for their tasks and their good performance.

If you're one of those natives who offer artistic services or you develop yourself in the area of personal aesthetics you will see with joy the increase of your clientele and therefore, your income.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of the twins for today is 11.  The number of personal strength and power. The only problem that this number can bring is that you overtrust yourself and let a unique opportunity go by.


The degree of energy available today is high thanks to the positive influences of Jupiter in a good position with Venus. This position favors you and leads you to joyfully enjoy your own emotional nature and good mood. If you need any medical treatment, this is the right time for you.

Astral energy gives you vigor and good health. Gemini, the sky will benefit you.

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