Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, August 7, 2020: Cosmic climate calls for freedom

If you talk about it with love and warmth they will understand your need for freedom and movement. Trust in yourself


The Moon is positioned in a good cosmic aspect with respect to your sign  and it favours you with its influences of freedom and harmony in all your relationships. You will feel that nothing can go wrong when you're sincere and express your true needs for personal space. However, some natives may suffer the consequences of this behaviour with their partners. Not everyone is prepared to understand the importance of autonomy in relationships and the demands will follow and you will have to be loving to achieve trust and understanding.

If you're one of those in a relationship, be patient. Tenderness will lead you to better understanding and you will agree on better conditions for living together, Gemini.

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There is intense and unpleasant energy in the air, and rumours could trigger hostile dialogue and distrust from your colleagues. If you can avoid participating in these conversations it will be very positive for your performance.

Any negative vibrations from your co-workers will end up affecting your energy body and you will need to protect yourself by praying or perhaps carrying a black tourmaline in your pocket. This power stone is capable of absorbing all the negativity even the bad energy that you may produce yourself with melancholy or angry thoughts.

Those natives who are looking for a job will have good astral energies favourable to the presentation of job histories and interviews.

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For today,  the stars indicate a neutral trend in terms of physical and psychological well-being. It will depend on the attitude you take towards the events in your environment and the way you feel.

It's a perfect day to dedicate to sport and walks in the open air. Participation in recreational activities, games such as chess can relax you and help you unwind your mind.